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Arnd FriedrichsArnd Friedrichs PhD

Senior Consulting Partner, LWS Risk Management Consult GmbH

Areas of Focus:

Risk Management Consulting, Ergonomics
Management Training and Advice
Innovative Medical Technologies

Professional Background and Education:

Arnd began his career as a scientific researcher at the Institute of Biomechanics in Jena Germany, where he investigated new methods for analyzing the complexity of human body movements. Arnd became chairman of a medical device company, developing, manufacturing, and distributing intelligent mobile medical device products that provide a non-invasive, reliable,
cost-efficient, accurate, and easy way to monitor spinal cord functioning and other vital body parameters. These newly developed devices are capable of collecting body data during ongoing physical movement and activity.

One recent success showing the high demand for these innovative
products is a major engagement with the automotive industry in Germany, that will use the new devices to design more comfortable and healthier car seats to promote good body posture, and to prevent and minimize back and other related health problems.

Arnd is an expert in the areas of health management, ergonomics, and biomechanics. He also specializes in the evaluation of postural loading in hazardous environments, and has introduced the science of continuous posture monitoring to the orthopeadics.

Arnd holds a master degree in mechanical engineering and a doctoral degree in biomechanics.

Location: Jena, Germany
Email: arnd.friedrichs@lwsgroup.com