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If you cannot describe your strategy in 20 minutes, in plain language, you haven't got a plan.
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Innovators in Strategy Design
Experts in Business Planning
Facilitators and Coaches -
efore, During, and After Implementation

Serving primarily top executives, the LWS Group provides consulting and project management expertise in a wide array of industries. To aid the top executive in the decision-making process we also offer a series of supporting products tailored exclusively to individual needs.


Strategy Design & Implementation

 Feasibility Studies
 Business Plans
 Executive Coaching
 Mergers & Acquisitions (M&A)
 Technology Transfer
 Top Management Information System© (TMIS)

Enterprise Risk Management (Industrial & Commercial)

 Risk Management Program,
 Risk Management Information System© (RMIS)
 Human Resources Risk Management
 IT Strategy Design & Implementation
 Total Quality Management Systems (TQM)
 Environment Management Systems

Personal Risk Management

                    Asset and Risk Documentation, Valuation, Analysis, and Coverage
                    Wealth Optimization
Work space analysis
Monitoring of labor pains by means of ultrasonic distance measurement
       Development of intelligent, mobile systems for long-term monitoring of body

         Ergonomics biomechanics Intelligent Work-Clothing              

Sales, Marketing & Market Research

Market Research and Analysis
Marketing Strategy   
Sales & Distribution Strategy


TQM Handbook for the Top Executive
Risk Management Handbook for the Top Executive
Estate Planning Kit for the Top Executive
Top Executive Coaching Manual
Quality Management Handbook for the Enterprise
Environmental Management Handbook for the Enterprise
LWSORGA 100©: Centralized Document Management System
SonoSens Hightec Sensor Technology

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