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Feasibility Studies

Used as a foundation for planning, feasibility studies determine the likelihood of success or failure of an investment strategy by identifying hidden threats and opportunities. Through an in-depth analysis, we determine the feasibility of an investment, a large project, launch of a new product or product line, and business plan, before you commit financial, human, and capital resources, thereby saving you time and money.

To get a comprehensive and accurate understanding of the undertaking such as a new product design, a large real estate development project, or a business plan to enter new markets, our consultants conduct diligent and extensive market research. This entails compiling information from a variety of reliable sources. Depending on the nature of the project this data may be obtained from market, industry, and government publications and by seeking out and speaking with experts. LWS Group consultants have conducted feasibility studies for medium and large-sized companies across a wide range of industries, including the automotive, chemicals, food, and airline industry.

Feasibility studies are vital for obtaining financing from banks, financial institutions, and private investors alike. They are also important for the top executive who needs to decide among a multitude of projects - where and how much should be invested. The top executive can scrutinize and validate the feasibility of a business plan or an investment by using an independent neutral third-party like the LWS Group, and thereby make informed investment decisions.

Business Plans

As trusted advisors to top executives we help you develop comprehensive business plans and apply proven management tools to determine the feasibility of such plans. We provide you with a synergistic combination of strategic planning tools. One such tool is the Balanced Scorecard. Our consultants utilize the Balanced Scorecard to get a holistic and balanced view of your organization and accordingly develop successful strategies and business plans.

Within the framework of the Balanced Scorecard we measure performance on four plateaus: the customer (and market), the internal organization (i.e. operational efficiency), sustaining and creating value, and financial viability. Our goal is to help you

Furthermore, our consultants will benchmark your company with industry peers to identify strengths and weaknesses, as well as service and information gaps. Our strong research and analytical capabilities are invaluable in the benchmarking process. These capabilities allow us to get unbiased customer, market, and internal feedback from interviews so that we can validate the strategies and goals you set out to achieve in your business plan. Equipped with reliable market data, information, and intelligence, our consultants can help you design sound business plans or validate and review existing ones that positively impact your company’s bottom line.

Executive Coaching

Our focus is on the top executive whose job is to lead the company to profitability and to increase shareholder value. To improve the top executive’s organizational effectiveness and performance in leading his/her enterprise to success we hold executive coaching and training seminars using the LWS Wendelstein Model. Within the framework of the LWS Wendelstein Model, executive retreats are organized and the ambience for continuous learning and mentoring is created by presenting experts from academia, government, and industry in state-of-the-art facilities. Additionally, we offer guidance to reinforce new behavioral strategies and management tools acquired during these seminars.

The Wendelstein Model facilitates the exchange of knowledge and proven management tools needed to succeed in a global economy. Top executives meet peers within the same industry or other industries at private closely held seminars (colloquiums) to learn about successes and failures. These seminars are usually held in Switzerland, Germany, and the U.S, and provide the top executive with practical strategies and tactics, as well as:

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Mergers & Acquisitions

The LWS Group covers the entire spectrum of M&A activity, acting as a financial intermediary and negotiator that brings investors and acquiring companies to the table. Our expertise comprises the creation of partnerships, mergers, and joint ventures. We are well known among our clientele for managing and facilitating multi-million dollar projects, such as industrial and commercial real estate development investments and restructuring initiatives.

We help our client companies and their owners sell off the entire organization, operating units, subsidiaries, divisions, or product and service lines. This includes developing and implementing marketing plans, making valuations and offers, and assisting in the negotiation process from beginning to end.

Likewise we help our clients and individual investors in acquisitions. We conduct searches, identify and screen prospects, hold negotiations, and determine acquisition criteria. To assess a company’s true market value and get a holistic view, we evaluate assets, business plans, innovations, intellectual property, and intellectual human capital.

The LWS Group has established relationships with major lending institutions and financiers throughout the U.S. and internationally. Our consultants arrange all financial transactions including debt and equity placements, leveraged buyouts, mezzanine financing, and private placements and restructuring. Legal experts are pulled in right at the beginning to provide comprehensive legal analysis on issues such as antitrust and trade regulations, bankruptcy, and taxes.

Technology Transfer and Commercialization

We assist in the introduction and commercialization of new product developments by identifying potential partners, and by providing the business insight and financial venues needed to bring products to market. Our services focus on three categories of technology transfer opportunities:

Our forte is developing marketing and distribution strategies, while our legal experts provide insight into intellectual property rights, (trademarks, copyrights, and patent rights), and international trade aspects.

Top Management Information System© (TMIS)

TMIS is a proprietary methodology and a comprehensive management system that contains quantitative and qualitative assessment tools incorporating risk management strategies.

TMIS is tailored to the needs of the top executive whose job is to lead the company to profitability and to increase shareholder value. With a top management information system, the executive can improve his/her overall performance and organizational effectiveness in leading the enterprise to success. TMIS was developed in response to the demands of top executives for a source of up-to-date, comprehensive, and relevant management information and VITAL business statistics, that are easily accessible. With TMIS the top executive gains practical as opposed to theoretical insights on how to drive profitability and growth.

TMIS consists of five core components:

TMIS enables a comprehensive analysis of the true value of your organization, as well as an assessment of the risks that could impact that value. All VITAL business statistics and market intelligence necessary to make strategic and tactical decisions are at your fingertips. TMIS frees up your time so you can focus on the essentials of running a business.

We will help you design and customize TMIS based on your specific information needs as a company leader. This involves systematically incorporating and optimizing management information systems that you are already working with.

Organizational Development and Logistics [Under construction]

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