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People, Processes, Systems,
Intellectual Property and Real Property

Enterprise Risk Management (Industrial and Commercial)

Risk Management Program

In todays global economy, top executives need to understand the extent of potential losses (risks) that could impact their company’s market standing and the extent of their personal liability. Understanding loss exposures and the options available to deal with vulnerabilities is the first step in setting up a risk management program. The second step entails finding and implementing the most effective and cost-effective risk management strategies.

The LWS Group has thirty years experience in developing and implementing risk management programs, and setting up risk management departments that execute and monitor programs at over 100 companies. Our goal is to help you detect and effectively manage risks to protect your company’s most valued assets, including people, processes, systems, intellectual property, and real property.

The LWS Group’s core competence is the entire risk management field. Our risk management consultants will provide you with an overview of the types of losses you and your extended global enterprise are faced with and the degree of severity. We provide a full spectrum of risk management services:

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Risk Management Information System© (RMIS) [UNDER CONSTRUCTION]

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Because of the extent of personal liability the top-level executive has, the LWSORGA 100© document management system is an invaluable organizational tool for indemnity documentation. It is used by over 1000 company executives who need a reliable, easy-to-use, easy-to-access, and all-encompassing system for the mass of important business and legal documents.

The LWSORGA 100© is a state-of-the-art centralized document management and filing system with which the top executive can process, document, and record all vital transactions and communications. Every important risk and asset related transaction and communication is accounted for and documented systematically through a digital numbering technique in loose-leaf format and on microfilm.

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Human Resource and Succession Planning

The goal of human resource and succession planning is to determine the optimum personnel and staffing levels needed to operate effectively and efficiently, and to ensure a succession plan is in place at the management and technical levels, especially for hard-to-find skilled labor. In particular our services include:

LWS Group has placed many senior and executive level professionals from various fields and industries (executive search). We have experience in recruiting the C-Team, Vice Presidents, Directors, Managers, and building cross-functional management organizations.

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IS Design & Implementation

Our information technology and logistics experts assist top-level executives in customizing and implementing their personal management information systems (TMIS© or RMIS©). This service includes selecting, evaluating, implementing, and integrating supporting state-of-the-art hardware and software. We aim to select systems that give top executives the desired level of security, are flexible (based on an open-architecture) and scalable (can grow with your information needs.) Our experts also provide the following services for enterprise information technology:

  • IT strategy design and implementation

  • Development and implementation of application concepts

  • Network structures

  • Information flow optimization

  • Software and hardware selection

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Total Quality Management Systems (TQM)

Goals of TQM are to generate high customer, employee, and stakeholder satisfaction rates, while simultaneously finding a point of equilibrium with cost, time, and resource constraints. We systematically and conscientiously implement TQM as a strategy that focuses the entire company culture and the extended enterprise on improving quality and process excellence. Primary emphasis will be placed on generating and increasing the level of cultural awareness on TQM, and on implementing zero-defect programs.

Working with top-level executives, we determine the most effective TQM strategies and tactics by first identifying the extent of TQM within your organization. This is a comprehensive analysis that encompasses some of the most important elements of your organization – including processes and functions, employees, customers, trading partners, management team, organizational structure, internal and external supply chain/s, and strategic direction. Based on this analysis we provide you with a synthesis of our findings and recommendations on how to improve quality enterprise-wide using proven approaches.

LWS consultants apply the customer-focused Kaizen theory of continuous improvement in order to increase customer satisfaction levels, productivity, and profitability. They provide extensive training for top executives and senior managers, as well as the products and services needed to implement TQM:

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