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Market Research & Analysis

Marketing Strategy

Sales & Distribution Strategy

Market Research and Analysis

We provide market research services to support strategic and tactical decision-making. Underlying most research engagements is information, data, and intelligence gathered from secondary and primary sources. Our expertise lies in synthesizing and analyzing research findings and making recommendations that are easily understood and implemented.
Our goal is to
give you the market insights needed to stay ahead of the competition, by helping you

We help you gain this insight and understanding by applying a variety of market research techniques, including customer and market surveys, in-depth interviews, case studies, competitive intelligence, and product benchmarking. We use proven quantitative and qualitative analysis tools to identify consumer and customer purchasing behavior, and to examine how you compare to your competition (SWOT analysis).

Our competitive intelligence expertise is invaluable in getting you the feedback you need to refine your sales strategy in order to beat out the competition. We excel in win/loss analysis and in providing you with the intelligence needed to identify why customers buy from you or why prospects buy from your competition.

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Marketing Strategy

Our marketing consultants help you develop effective market positioning strategies or revamp existing strategies that have not met expectations. We assist you in identifying and defining target markets and positioning your products and services to meet the needs, wants, and expectations of the markets segments you aim to serve. Our services also cover branding, product launch, product mix, product design and pricing, market segmentation, mission statements and marketing communications.

We design and develop your promotional web pages, marketing and sales literature, as well as the entire suite of marketing communications collateral. Our goal is to build your image in conjunction with your branding, and give you a uniform look to present one face to the customer and to the public.

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Sales & Distribution Strategy

By evaluating the entire sales process, we can help you set objectives and strategies, and plan and prepare presentations to effectively sell your products and services by overcoming objections. Our consultants will you develop sales forecasts and budgets, and recruit, select, train, and motivate sales personnel.

With many years of experience in bringing the right partners to the table and hundreds of business contacts around the globe, we have a solid understanding of the challenges involved in managing global channel relationships. We focus on mutually developed criteria, select fitting channel partners, conduct the partner search, lead the discussions, and make evaluations.

We leverage our expertise in identifying the best channel strategy and understanding channel behavior. We help plan your distribution network by determining the number of channels needed, the type, function, flow, and structure of each channel, and physical distribution. Furthermore, we set up and recruit the right people to manage your foreign sales subsidiaries and distribution centers profitably. We identify the cultural, legal, socio-economic, and political restraints of operating a foreign subsidiary and assess the risks in relation to the returns of these investments.

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