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Ekkehard PaechEkkehard Paech
Information Technology and Logistics Consultant

Areas of Focus:

Organizational Development. Development of customer-focused processes.
Optimization and creation of organizational structures. Reengineering and team
development. Cross-functional communication.
Executive Coaching. Reenforcing and directing behavioral change.
Enterprise Risk Management. Situational and trend analysis on critical decisions and development of strategies and concepts to eliminate and/or reduce business operations

Production and Logistics. Optimization of materials management and production
processes. Supply chain management.

Information Technology. Development, implementation, and realization of IT strategies and concepts. Selection of hardware and software systems. Optimization of the information flow.

Project Management. Business process reengineering and roll out of IT initiatives under stringent project management guidelines using proven and applied project management tools and methods.

Professional Background and Education:

Ekkehard started his career working as a scientist for mathematics, physics, and information technology in the government sector, at a German nuclear research center. Equipped with a profound background in modern information technology standards and methods, Ekkehard then applied this knowledge in the economic sector. After eight years of leading and managing IT departments in the pharmaceuticals industry, he started his own consulting business.

Ekkehard’s particular expertise lies in the areas of organizational development, logistics, and information technology. He successfully lead and completed a large number of national and international projects across different industries, involving the design and implementation of customer-focused concepts, employee training programs, and executive coaching. Ekkehard is a vital source of expertise for the LWS Group. He has over twenty-five years of practical project management experience.

Ekkehard received his M.S. degree in mathematics after completing his studies at the Humboldt University in Berlin, and the Westfalian Wilhelms University in Muenster, Germany. He furthered his education with selected courses in economics at the University of Mainz, and participated in various study groups covering topics on reengineering and the learning organization.

Degree: M.S. Mathematics
Bad Soden, Germany
Email: ekkehard.paech@lwsgroup.com